The truth is that women can see details more than men and sometimes we do things without considering our wives opinion and we end up  in lots of trouble.

As a top Producer agent in New York I learned that that when the woman is happy and likes a home usually the transaction goes smoother to the end, but I have seen that sometimes when the husband starts pushing to get a house that the wife does not like things start to get complicated. 

I always recomend wife and husband to come toguether to the showings and I will never push them to buy but I always send them home to talk about it and get back to me the same day if possible or the next day on feedbacks.

I never expect to get a "yes I want it" right away but if I get it with enthusiasm, I know the property is sold.

I think that if the wife is happy and likes a property 60% of the transaction is completed.

Happy wife happy family!!!